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Anunnaki: fake Gods extends Zecharia Sitchin's translations from clay pills that underlie the Bible. 10,000 years in the past, scribes in historic Sumer (Iraq) wrote on those capsules what they acknowledged the Anunnaki gods (tall humans from the sky) dictated. Sitchin requested Dr. Lessin retain public cognizance on his legacy by means of developing an instructional software.

The Anunnaki are Homo sapiens like us yet who reside millions of years. They acknowledged they rocketed to Iraq 450,000 years in the past from a planet known as Nibiru to reap gold to ship again (via Mars) to Nibiru to powder into an atmospheric guard. They mined considerable gold in Africa till, 300,000 years in the past, their miners mutinied. to exchange the mutineers, Anunnaki geneticists created short-lived slaves, referred to as Adamites, tailored from their very own genome yet transformed with a little clay, copper and genes from an clever hominoid, Homo erectus (Bigfoot’s ancestor) already residing in Africa.

Two hundred thousand years in the past, Enki, their leader Scientist, begat a line of Earthlings known as Adapites with Adamite women. Fifty thousand years in the past Enki and an Adamite good looks begat Noah, who carried Enki’s toughness genes and governed the Iraqi urban of Sharuppak. Enki kept Noah and plenty of of his matters from the Deluge of 13,000 years in the past. The Anunnaki had Noah’s humans and different flood survivors proliferate and construct towns within the center East and Egypt with as much as 50,000 population. The Anunnaki governed the hot civilizations as gods with descendants of Noah’s sons as intermediaries.

The Anunnaki gave us the simplest and the worst of planet-wide civilization--kings, historians, taxes, temples, monks, bicameral congresses, record-keeping, legislations codes, library catalogs, furnaces, kilns, wheeled autos, paved roads, medicinal drugs, cosmogony, cosmology, gala's, beer, meals recipes, paintings, song, song tools, tune notes, dance, textiles, and multicolored clothing. Sumerian colleges taught arithmetic, structure, theology, writing, grammar, botany, zoology, geography. They displayed yet didn't move on a world-wide strength grid, air, submarine and interplanetary shipping cars and complex computers.

They additionally gave us hierarchy, misogyny, violence, greed, slavery, debt and warfare that featured genocide and guns of mass destruction. In 2024 BCE Anunnaki ruined their japanese Mediterranean towns with nuclear blasts and fallout storms. many of the Anunnaki again to Nibiru by means of 311 BCE. yet a few stayed.

They and their descendants (the strength elite) rule us to today. They and their spawn created and perpetuate specific, adverse international locations and religions to maintain us divided. They addicted us to credits associations to maintain us slaving. Their stories in their remain in the world ahead of they made our ancestors, in addition to what our forefathers without delay observed, imprinted us with the values in their hierarchic, male-run, master-slave-enemy mentality. We assumed values of extraction, pollutants, financial monopoly and obsession with gold. thankfully, the Lessins contend, the genetics workforce that created us additionally gave us the ability and preserved the histories Sitchin and others translated which will triumph over the liabilities they left us.

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